To deploy and angular (2,8,…10) front-end application with a Spring boot Back-end follow the steps below :

1. Build your angular application

First you have to build your front with the command line ng build, for that open a new Terminal in the angular project and run :

ng build 

after running this command , you will have a new folder named “dist

2. Copy the dist files inside the back-end

After generating dist files, you have to copy every file inside to the static folder inside the spring boot project .

dist folder

Static folder :

3. Run Maven install to generate Jar / War file

Finally you have to run Maven install to generate war / jar file or execute you app from directly from your IDE ( exp Eclipes ) . Now you can run :

java -jar MyApp.jar

To execute your application , to test it , just open the http://localhost:8080/ then you will be indexed on the home page of your front-end

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