Reactive programming , c’est quoi ?

La programmation réactive est un paradigme de programmation asynchrone concerné par les flux de données et la propagation du changement. RxJS est une bibliothèque de programmation réactive utilisant des observables qui facilite la composition de code asynchrone. Un opérateur est une fonction qui prend un Observable et renvoie un autre Observable. On peut créer un […]

Quiz Angular Level 2

Put your Angular 8 development skills to the test and see how well you know RxJS library, advanced routing techniques like lazy loading, guarding, or resolvers. It also allows testing if you know how to implement a presentational/container component architecture, when to create services, and how to integrate third-party modules and libraries. Number of Questions […]

Angular 10: what’s new ?

The new version of Angular, Angular v10 is officially available since June 25, 2020. With this new update of the framework, the Angular team continues to improve the framework and offers updates to the ecosystem, but also a review of various points that I present to you in this article. Since the release of Angular […]

The lifecycle of an Angular component

When developing an Angular application, it is important to understand how components work, including their lifecycle. This lifecycle is managed by Angular, so it’s Angular that will create the component, render it and finally destroy it when necessary. ngOnChanges: it is called when an input is defined or modified from the outside. The status of […]