How do you improve your programming skills ? 

  1. This all comes down to keys on the keyboard. Repeated practice is the mantra here and increased skill doesn’t yield itself to any other shortcuts!
  2. Want to improve programming skills? Get a job programming. You will learn or you will perish. Learn through any method available to you and use multiple sources. Build without a roadmap. Don’t only rely on tutorials! In tutorials, nothing breaks. In real life EVERYTHING breaks. Getting better is being hit with those errors and finding the solutions.
  3. You will improve your programming skills by reading other people code and getting your code reviewed.
  4. Watch educational videos.
  5. Keep a list of tech words that you’ve heard and don’t know anything about. First researched to know WHAT it is, then evaluate whether it should be one of the things to learn or not.
  6. If working with a technology you’ve not familiar with, take the time to learn as much as you can about it so you can understand what’s going on better and make better decisions about how it is being used.

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