Which process is listening on a port ? To answer this question , there is many solution , you find here the two best solution :

1. First Solution

  1. Open a command prompt window (as Administrator) From “Start\Search box” Enter “cmd” then right-click on “cmd.exe” and select “Run as Administrator
  2. Enter the following text then hit Enter.
netstat -ano | findstr 8080 // here we are looking for 8080 port
  1. Find the Port that you are listening on under “Local Address”
  2. Look at the process name directly under that.
C:\Users\MARWEN>netstat -ano | findstr 80
  TCP               LISTENING       13200
  TCP     ESTABLISHED     19644
  TCP       ESTABLISHED     11308
  TCP    [::]:7680              [::]:0                 LISTENING       13200
  UDP           *:*                                    18064

2. Second Solution

2.1. On windows Search look for “Resource Monitor

2.2. Select Network

2.3. Select Listening Ports

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