Install Publish Over SSH Plugin

In a jenkins pipeline, we need to deploy the jar/war file after build, we can do this using SSH to a remote server (example ubuntu Server) . We will need to install Publish Over SSH

So go to Manage Jenkins —> Manage Plugins

Add remote server to Jenkins Config

After installing this plugin, we will add our remote server in jenkins config, for that you have to go to :

Manage Jenkins –> System configuration –> Publish over SSH Server

Here we will add our remote server config , for that you will need a username, password, host IP, and you can choose the remote directory where Jenkins will do the deployment .

Setup Deploy in the pipeline

After saving the config of the server, we will go to our project freestyle config and we will add a step after the build, here we will choose : Send build Artifact over SSH

Here we will choose the server , the file to send , and the command to execute in the remote server.

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