(SOLVED) VirtualBox Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)

When you try to start the VirtualBox on macOS and you get this error ! the solution will be the following :

VirtualBox 6 on macOS

Solution :

The reason for this erro is because the macOS blocked the VirtualBox to run, that is why we need to unblock it in the macOS Security & Privacy configuration. To do that, lets follow the next steps :

  1. Clicks the top-left Apple icon
  2. System Preferences
  3. Security & Privacy
  4. If the left-bottom icon is locked, unlock it with a password.
  5. Clicks “Allow” for the developer Oracle America, Inc.
  6. Done, restart the macOS.

The step number 5 will resolve this error 😉

Réferences :

VirtualBox wiki

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