“Log4j”, a computer flaw that threatens thousands of companies !!

Thousands of companies are affected by a serious vulnerability, newly discovered in the Log4j software library. While patches already exist to fix the flaw, cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of what has not yet been deployed to infect their victims with malware. Explanations.

On December 10, the National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi) issued an alert about a vulnerability in Apache Log4j, a software component used by thousands of companies.

This flaw, called “Log4Shell”, allows attackers to take control of the targeted device. In other words, it could allow them to infect thousands of businesses. Fortunately, the Apache Software Foundation has already released an update to correct the flaw. Now, cybersecurity teams are engaged in a time trial: they must deploy the update before attackers exploit the flaw. To better understand the looming crisis, we have selected 5 questions and answered them.

Marwen Mselmi
Author: Marwen Mselmi

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