(SOLVED) convert String to Date in Java ?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert a String to java.util.Date. Many Java beginners Always find this problem of Date conversion. so we decided to post this solution !! let understand how to convert String Date in JAVA. java.text.SimpleDateFormat provide many date and time patterns : Letter Description Examples y Year 2013 […]

(SOLVED) how to Convert File to Path in Java ?

In this tutorial , we will see how we can convert file to path using Java ? The java.nio.file package includes Java virtual machine interfaces and classes for accessing files, file attributes, and file systems. Convert File to Path If we want to convert from java.io.File to java.nio.file.Path we can use toPath() Convert Path to […]

How to convert List to int[] in Java ?

List<Integer> to int[] To convert List<Integer> to int[] in java we can use les Streams, With Java 8, int[] can be converted to Integer[] easily : Integer[] is generally not a good map key, as others have said. However, we now have a reasonably clean and native code in terms of conversion. Also read , […]