Different ways iterate a list in Java

Iterate a list in Java : in this Post we will discover different ways to browse a list in Java. (ArrayList) List.toString() If we want to iterate over a list in java , we can do that by converting the list to a string using the toString() function, then outputting it Output : Using For […]

How to convert List to int[] in Java ?

List<Integer> to int[] To convert List<Integer> to int[] in java we can use les Streams, With Java 8, int[] can be converted to Integer[] easily : Integer[] is generally not a good map key, as others have said. However, we now have a reasonably clean and native code in terms of conversion. Also read , […]

forEach Java 8 Examples

To loop or iterate a Map, List, Set, or Stream in Java 8, we can use the new forEach method. Loop a Map 1,1 A standard method for looping a Map is shown below. 1.2 We can use forEach in Java 8 to loop through a Map and print out its entries. Output 1.3 The […]